Are used car parts better than brand-new analogs?

You could confuse a lot of mechanics around the world by simply asking to replace a worn-out car part with a second-hand one. It is believed, that used items are always in poor condition, that they cannot be as functional as brand-new analogs, or that there is never a warranty provided. But what If I told you that all of this is just simply not true? Like buying rare antiques, used car parts can be more beneficial than buying a brand-new analog.

Used original car part is often of higher quality than analog

Original car parts are made by the manufacturer specifically for the model of your car. During the manufacturing process, they have undergone rigorous quality control. Analog parts are often manufactured by third-party suppliers who don't have the same expertise and quality control standards. And with all that, the main problem comes up – you can never be sure that the part will actually fit or work as it should.

It is cheaper than a brand-new replacement part

The cost of manufacturing a new part is more expensive in time, money, and labor power. In order for the product to pay for reproduction, the producer has to put a markup on the product. This means that you can save a lot of money by choosing a used part instead of a new one.

It is more environmentally friendly

Consumer culture encourages us to buy and replace things with no regard whatsoever for preserving nature. By buying used car parts that would otherwise end up in a landfill, you are reducing waste and conserving natural resources. It is important to leave an ecological footprint and look for ways to save our planet.

Using original parts helps to preserve the value of your vehicle

It does not matter if you are a car collector or enthusiast, the value of your vehicle is preserved not only for personal reasons. By assembling original used parts to your car, you can ensure that your vehicle remains authentic and retains its value over time.